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Can I view the products somewhere?
The prices of the camera?
What if a product is out of stock?
Do I need to register?
From what age can the camera be used?
What is The Zoo Family’s warranty policy?
Is the product safe?
Where can I buy the printing paper?
What is standard included in packaging?


How do I know if my order was successful?
Can I cancel an order?

Technical questions

Are the print papers BPA free?
Is the photo quality good?
Does camera has zoom function?
There is no charging cable at the Jungle collection.
Any games on the camera?
Do I need to purchase a battery for the camera?
My printed photo's have stripes, what to do?
How long does the battery last before I have to recharge?
How does the printing bear works?
How many paper rolls are included with the printing bear camera?
For the printing bears do I always need to print out the photo's?
How to instal paper rolls on print bear?
What is the size of the printed photo of the printing bear?
Is the photo color printed of the printed bear?
Do all cameras have instant print option?
Can I transfer the photos to a laptop?
Are the camera screens in color?
Do all sleeves fit the entire collection?
Where can I find the user manual for my camera?
How do I charge my camera?
How does the Selfie-modus works?


Can I pay later?
Can I receive an invoice on behalf of my company?
Is it safe to pay on the website of The Zoofamily?
Experiencing problems with your payment?
Do you sell gift cards?
My discount code did not work.
Can I use more than one promotional code on my order?


Where can I receive my order?
How long does it take before I receive my order?
Possible for delivery in the weekend?
What are the shipping costs?
How do I know my order is shipped?
Can I track my shipping?
I have given the wrong address.
What happens if nobody was home during delivery?

Exchange & Return

What is The Zoo Family’s return or exchange policy?
I forgot to include my return form in my return, what can I do?
How do I get the amount of my return.
When will I receive the amount of my return?
What should I do when the returned amount is not correct?
Will my return costs (postage) be refunded?

Plant a tree

Do you really plant trees?
What happens when I buy a camera?
Are the trees growing well?

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