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The Zoo family, ecofriendly cameras for children!


What users say

Cilia Vandenameele

White/Pink rabbit
Super great camera! Works fine

Benoit Lafonte

Print bear blue
Delivered within 2 days in France.
The 3in1 camera does what it promises.

Caroline Laurens

Pink pig
We bought the Pink Pig and our daughter loves it.

Johannes Ludweier

Deer camera
Fast delivery - good quality 

Karl Maes

Pink print bear 
Arrived damaged but the support and final solution of customerservice was great. Thanks!

Ellen Degroof

Pink dinosaurus
Pink dinosaurus camera is just "WAW" - good quality and easy to use.

Kristof Laridon

Blue Printing bear.
Did take longer than expected to deliver but finally our son is very happy with the camera. Customer support was fast to reply.

Eline Demeyer

Green Frog
Small , practical and easy to use! Our daughter use it each week.

Ludwig Verdonckt

Yellow lion 
Fast delivery and quality for a kids camera is amazing.

Jerome Laforge

Rabbit camera
Amazing camera and works perfect. Great images

Casper Niellsen

Print bear camera
Recieved within 3 days in Copenhagen. Nice packaging and quality camera.

Tessa De Doncker

Brown bear 
Perfect birthday gift

Marc Hilkens

Delivery in 5 days to U.K. but quality and box just perfect.

Benny Walheimer

The quality is better than expected. It's fun for my 2 daughters.

Kristian Bolger

Received in Germany in time. Packaging was a bit damaged but the camera works perfect.

Yves Vanden Ginste

Blue dinosaurus
Perfect gift! 

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As a proudly European based company we are confident in your satisfaction with our products. We have a hassle free 30-day return policy.

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