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About the Zoo Family

We found that while kids use digital camera’s more and more frequently, great cameras designed specifically for kids didn’t exist. We developed The Zoofamily exclusively for kids, they’re designed with care for our kids and our planet.

The most eco friendly kid’s camera

With The Zoofamily we created not only the best kids’ camera’s, we also aim to stimulate creative connections between kids as well as with our planet. We designed the animal references to trigger kids’ interest in nature, and we aspire a world in which natural beauty is restored for generations to come, so for one camera sold we plant one tree.

Be creative & connect

The Zoofamily kids’ digital camera is a STEM-product (science – technology – engineering - mathematics). This encourages children to become acquainted with beta subjects at a young age. Photography will help them develop various critical skills, such as creative thinking, observational, critical thinking, social skills and last but not least fine motor skills. Being creative with a kids’ friendly digital camera will inspire them to be more creative and connect with their friends, families, nature through the art of photography.

Great gift for kids

The children's cameras from The Zoofamily are super light and made for children's hands. They fit perfectly in their hands so that the chance of falling is reduced. If it does happen, ... no problem! The super cute cover of the children's camera absorbs the shock so that the camera remains undamaged. However, not only “the look” is important for children ... the camera must also offer sufficient challenge as well as play and learning opportunities. That is why every Zoofamily kids’ camera is provided with stickers to personalize the camera and to give it its own touch. The photos themselves can also be edited by our small photographers ... various layouts and templates are ready for them!

Join the family

To offer you all of this at affordable prices, we cut out the middlemen and sell them directly to you, online only. We teamed up with one of the world's leading manufacturers of camera’s, ensuring the highest quality of manufacturing, sustainability, process reliability and product quality.

Let’s get playing!

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